Ubuntu Server LTS upgrades are stress test

Posted on 03 May 2012

### Update * Sept, 24 2012

This article is now deprecated, Ubuntu now have a clean upgrade script. Just use do-release-upgrade.

This week I had to upgrade some Ubuntu Server 10.04 to the new Canonical present. And as much to upgrade my Debian scares me, then Ubuntu is a fabulous stress test…

I admit to not being an Ubuntu expert ( Debian too ) but the do-release-upgrade is like :

“Ohhh yeah take this Ultra Decap'Net my son !”

" …. But ..but what's dazzz sh… ?”

“I don't know, shut up, press it and close your eyes”

But this is the recommended solution.

apt-get update
aptitude full-upgrade
apt-get install update-manager-core
grub-install /dev/sda

Your server is ready to upgrade.

do-release-upgrade -d

The -d option say that you want to do develpment upgrade, cause this isn't officially supported.

/!\ Warning /!\

You have to re-upgrade grub after the upgrade. So Say NO when upgrade script ask you to reboot. Press x to destroy session and return into your initial terminal.

grub-install /dev/sda

Where am I wrong with grub-install and update-grub ? Ok ok, I haven't search more but packages must do it ? With os-prober, etc…

But, the job is done.

If for X reason your felt into a Grub Rescue hole this can help you:

set prefix=(hd0,2)/boot/grub
set root=(hd0,2)
insmod (hd0,2)/boot/grub/linux.mod
linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 ro
initrd /initrd.img