Two latest readings - *sick*

Posted on 16 April 2014

Chuck Palahniuk is the guy that will use little daily weird things to make you very petty.


I really enjoy this book.

It's an oral biography about a strange boy (Buster Rant Casey) in a strange world (Middleton) where live strange residents. This story is timeless. You'll retrieve subjects about sex, diseases, cars and cars. At the beginning, I feel a part of Fallout ambiance but after some chapters, not anymore. It's very difficult to give a time period about this story, you have guys who drive 80’ old cars but at the same time, people are able to plug cables in their heads to not just watch a movie but to feel a movie.

Every Middleton residents will give you its own anecdote with Rant in a not particular order about many subjects. True story or not, they will tell you many stories. Like every other residents you just want to be or at least meet Rant. This guy is a bad ass.

You'll learn things about some diseases and interesting facts like in the 80's, the USA made a report about what in the world will stop or slow down their growth. This report points third world country, some years later AIDS appears in Africa.

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Cassie Wright, porn priestess, intends to cap her legendary career by breaking the world record for serial fornication porn movies, on camera, with six hundred men Wikipedia

Just imagine 600 guys in underwear or just with their dicks waiting in a room with chips, candies, etc… Some hard cocks, some are just waiting, some are crying, everybody is here for something.

This book is absolutely not my Chuck Palahniuk favorite, it's very small, not very rich and just “trash”. Snuff just hurt me in a no-thinking way in opposite of Fight Club or Rant, they are more about a global reflexion.

Each Chuck book is taking a precise subject and he (Chuck) will dig and dig it in a way maybe you preferred don't know these details.

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My next readings will be very different, dark, deep, about holes but not same holes that Snuff. I'll discover H. P. Lovecraft, shame on me I have never read stuff about this author before today.

But after two novels, I can already say that it's fucking awesome. I have already listen things about Lovecraft, like it's fantasy, but old fantasy, stuff about horror. Yes! It's absolutely horror and exploration.

Each story is about a guy who is going to explore a part of the world and it's just gonna be horrible. You are the hero and you know that Man must stop exploring every part of our world. Many things are just too big for us. But nobody is listening to you. Lovecraft give you a strange place in his stories. Oh wait ? This is my next readings, wait…