Traveling with Noisy drone

Posted on 22 May 2014

I really enjoy electro/drone/experimental music.

From Boards of Canada to Tim Hecker with Ben Frost, return to Fennesz and finish with Aphex Twin.

These guys are explorer, they try to take you away in their world. I want to write something because there are two recent albums that make sure that I love music exploration, Virgin from Tim Hecker and A U R O R A by Ben Frost.

For me exploration means that every part of the adventure won't be enjoyable but it's an experimentation. Like when you just travel, you'll walk an hour and hour to reach the top of the mountain. It could be difficult, but when you reach your goal or just understand why you are here, it's enjoyable. I think you can apply this to music. Music is not just entertainment, it's research, travel, bad or good.

Ben Frost - A U R O R A

This album is not out for now (release is May, 26) , if you want to listen it, you'll have to retrieve it from Pirate Bay from example and buy it if you enjoy this album.

Just listen to Secant by Ben Frost (A U R O R A), you'll take hard industrial beats during 3 minutes, next part is like emotionally high explosion but it will hurt you at same time. It's like a small light in a very unhealthy dark hole full of spikes. Diphenyl Oxalate (next track) is pure noise, that is good for you. I agree to say that Ben Frost is a hard electro/experimental/noise artist to understand, this guy just do an absolutely large amount of work, and not just music. If you can't understand him for now, please, keep reading.

Fennesz - Venice

Christian Fennesz is an experimental guitar artist in electronic music. Some of his work is easier to appreciate, understand them. Ben Frost sound is more modern in different points, it's hard to explain. Just forget previous artist for now. If you come from ambient world you'll probably enjoy his work. Drop your ears to Venice‘s (Youtube) Fennesz album. Okay, is it better than Ben Frost ? Will you stay here ?

Notable Aphex Twin have done some drone stuff in his Selected Ambient Works Volume 2, like Tassels (Youtube). It's easy stuff to listen, no aggressive sounds but not easy to appreciate. Yes Aphex Twin have done some drone sounds, this guy have just done such a bunch of stuff.

Famous Boards Of Canada band, is not very far away from noise sound, try Corsair (Youtube).

Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972

Next step, Tim Hecker is a Canadian artist who have recently release for me one his best album, Virgin. But wait! I advice you to listen older stuff, The Piano Drop (Youtube). You guy, if you really enjoy it, you just found an amount stuff to work on. I agree to say that with Tim Hecker we add a small amount of what we can call noise, but for me it's a tool to expand to rich emotional music behind it. I can only advice you to drop your ass in a great sofa, put a headphone, close your eyes and listen to Ravedeath, 1972 (Wikipedia). Tim Hecker is that guy, that really allow me to discover what is drone/noise/experimental electro music. You can find more stuff, under the name of Jetone, just go to Wikipedia. When you'll familiar with this sound, open Virgin, latest Tim Hecker album. It's just a masterpiece, really.

At least, return to older Ben Frost stuff, like Theory of Machines and try to recognize that you are just fucking traveling since to beginning of this post. Exploration.

You can make great combos. If you read my previous post, you are aware that I'm reading Lovecraft stuff, horror exploration books with this kind of music is awesome. Another idea is to sleep while listening to this stuff. Try it.

Thank you.