No normal food for 2 months

Posted on 10 August 2013

The game.

About four months ago I discover this blog entry and I realize that some other guys have been thinking about a new way to eat.

Full disclosure: I'm totally not a big eater, I was mainly eating pasta, rice, etc.. And sometimes sushi at restaurant, cause I love sushi.

I've always dreamed to be able to just swallow a pill every morning and to be in perfect food health in a very small kind of pollution to produce it. This can sounds like a child dream but it's totally not, cause today it's my second month without solid food birthday.

My soylent at morning


I won't describe all the motivation behind this kind of food cause Rob Rhinehart have done it quietly perfect in his different blog posts but this is my summarize.


Every year is getting shorter Never seem to find the time Time from Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd

I don't want to spent 30-40% (totally approx.) of my precious time to go the market, cook, eat and finally wash dishes. Maybe you just never realize you spent a great part of your free time for this activity, or maybe you just ignore it but this count a lot for me. I want to read so many books, discover music, hack so many software, try programming languages and software libraries.

I'm spending about 20 minutes per day to cook my all day food.

At this state, it was the first point I was thinking about and it was enough for me to switch to this type of food. I didn't realize other good points before I discover Rob Rhinehart‘s story.


Our way to produce food is fucked up. It was good enough there is 200 years ago but now we have to get to a new step. Again Rob explain his point of view about situation and I'm partially okay with it. His new way to eat is more a different way to think about food that a solution to produce it.

Today GMO are bad, cause they are develop and controlled by nobody except by people who create in a way to make more as possible money. But they can be a future solution of food problem with a better control. I personally summarize it like: GMO are the nuclear of food.

In another ways, there are many ways to do an organic food industry. Drip, vegetarianism, hydroponics to open, etc.

All this pollution directly impact our health. But never forget that we never have such a good food hygiene as today. Fifty years ago people die of bad nutrition.


I never feel as good as today. Two things are part of this feel. Psychological one, cause I now I have a sharp and close to perfect nutrition, so I don't have to fear about missing something or taking more of I must of another thing. It's so good to totally not thinking about it.

Physically, I feel so nice.

[…] I feel like the six million dollar man. My physique has noticeably improved, my skin is clearer, my teeth whiter, my hair thicker and my dandruff gone […] My mental performance is also higher. My inbox and to-do list quickly emptied. I ‘get’ new concepts in my reading faster than before and can read my textbooks twice as long without mental fatigue. […] How I Stopped Eating Food by Rob Rhinehart


I don't want to save money on food. Before I start this new food way, I was eating biologic food, and you know that it's totally not the cheaper food. I can't say how much money I save but I think it's about 40% of my old food budget.


I like hacking, software, electronic, things and my body. This is part of my hobbies. Body is very very resilient, it will directly inform you when you don't deal with it like you must. And I have to admit that it looks like my body love this new way to eat.

The Story

February 2013, I found a guy which have done some serious research about this new food. So I start to dig in The Internet informations about diet, nutrition and food health. My skills in this subject are very low, I'm just a Python and Javascript developer.

I convince a friend to do research with me, he has approximatively same motivation as me. First version of drinking food was not good, the taste was close to horrible but remember that it's about experimentation. Today the drink have change and the taste is like chocolate crème anglaise.

First two weeks was not easy, I walk in the street, smell good baker at 7am. I just want to eat something different.

After this period, approximatively one month and I don't have the feel to eat normal food anymore. The rare occasion when I was eating normal food give me a really bad sensation of difficult digestion and I was regretting my new food.

Today, I'm eating an average of two, three normal meal in a week.

And two months after, I'm here and alive. I just don't want to go back to normal food. I'm so happy, I feel so good, it's perfect.

And after ?

I'll continue to improve my recipe and be a part of this great community. I really encourage you to read Rob Rhinehart's blog.

I am alive and you are dead. From Ubik by Philip K. Dick

You lost.