Django SQL Debug - HTML reports of your HTTP requests

Posted on 04 September 2014

Django Debug Toolbar is an awesome tool but it has some limitations. It's an HTML panel that is injected in your web pages that allow you to debug and profile your application at different layers. From HTTP to SQL requests.

But when you do applications with a REST pattern for example, with a full javascript client for example, it quickly become pain in the ass to debug your app. You can't reproduce easily POST, PUT, etc… requests.

Let's introduce Django SQL Debug. It's a tool that works with Django Debug Toolbar to generate an HTML report that you can read offline or later for each HTTP requests.

Django SQL Debug screenshot

It's goal is to let you see all your SQL queries (and more) when you don't have a direct access to Django Debug Toolbar. That's why it's generate an HTML report that looks like the toolbar.

You can install it like any other Django application:

pip install django-sql-debug

Just add django_sql_debug before debug_toolbar in INSTALLED_APPS. Configure your HTML reports directory, let's use your app and see your first report.

Development is at the very beginning and it's more a proof of concept for now but it's usable and it can save you in special cases.

You can find source at Github. Contribution and any feedbacks are welcome.

Let's discuss here.